About Us

All of the homes for sale on our site are available for rental prior to purchase – giving prospective home
buyers the ability to “Try it Before they Buy it! 

An overnight stay affords the opportunity to check the craftsmanship of the home, look for trouble
spots, get to know one’s neighbors, assess the noise level of the surrounding area, and so much more!

Here at PreviewStay, we believe that there is no smarter way to determine whether or not to buy a
house, than by spending a few nights in the residence first.

This experience empowers home buyers, assisting them in making the most fully-informed purchasing decisions possible.

We provide home sellers with qualified and ready-to-buy leads. 
Key Fact: Studies show that once prospective buyers spend the night in a home they are considering, 
they are much more likely to purchase. Overnight stays make the idea of ownership more real and 
engages them on an emotional level. 

The overnight stay is also the most effective way for prospective buyers to remove any doubts or 
lingering questions as to whether the home is right for them. In other words…an overnight stay is the
most effective way of getting to that “Final Decision Making Moment”. After their stay…they’ll know
whether they’re going to buy or not!

For a home to be listed on our site, it must meet two criteria:

1) The home must be for sale

2) The home must be available for an overnight stay

Note: the seller can opt to allow only pre-qualified persons meeting specific requirements to stay in the home.

Now, you might be wondering what types of homes are listed on our website. 
Well, it’s a diverse group and practically every type of property imaginable is represented. 

You’ll find everything from ski in ski out condos, to beach homes in the Carolinas, to high rise residences in major urban centers. No matter what
you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it on here.