Best Eight Fifty Inch TV’s 2019 Review (Summer 2019 Edition)

Best Eight Fifty Inch TV’s 2019 Review (Summer 2019 Edition)

Because TV’s look so similar nowadays, it’s quite hard for most people to distinguish between the best and the average one’s. This is especially true for those buying their tv through an online retailer. Yes, the specs are always written, but not everyone is techy and as such most people end up with an underwhelming  viewing experience. It doesn’t help that manufacturers often take advantage of this fact to overprice their tv’s knowing too well that they are not worth the price tag. 

This article has been written with the average consumer in mind. Best4 Reviews tells you outright which tv offer the best overall viewing experience this summer. It doesn’t stop there though. It breaks down each option, not only revealing why it’s a great choice but also offering some cons too. Keep reading to find out more! 


LG has been one of the leading tv manufacturers in the recent past and the reason why is extremely apparent when one takes a look at the C9 OLED. This TV is at the top of the list for several reasons. 

First, is the amazing OLED display. It is a well-known fact in the industry that LG’s OLED technology is unrivalled when it comes to contrast. Expect the deepest blacks in the market. The screen is made even more impressive when you consider that it’s in 4K resolution (3840 * 2160). In terms of efficiency, LG’s OLED technology consumes much less energy than standard LEDs. The design is also incredibly appealing. Thin, slick and with a brushed aluminum back, this addition to LG’s line up is a head-turner. 

Thanks to the TV’s second-generation Alpha 9 processor this year’s edition’s smart TV capabilities are incredible too. Actually the only con for LG C9, is probably its price tag. With a price tag close to two thousand dollars for the 55”  version, it may not be ideal for those looking for a budget TV. You certainly get your money’s worth though!

Samsung Q70

A step up from the Q60 this years Q70 has notable improvements, which when summed up, place this TV on this list, as a great recommendation.  The screen features Samsungs trademarked qled technology, and is in amazing 4K quality. Although it may not be compared to the LG’s OLED technology, it still does offer excellent contrast thanks to the Direct Full Array technology.

For its smart tv capabilities, the TV uses Samsung’s Quantum processor which promises not only snappy performance but also better content resolution management. One such amazing feature is the tv’s Quantum HDR. Another amazing feature is the Ambient Mode, that matches the tv screen to the rooms surroundings when one is not viewing it. It also supports Bixby.

Classified as a mid-range option the Samsung Q70 starts just over a thousand dollars, making it a great alternative, if the LG C9’s price tag is too big a tradeoff. 

Vizio MSeries Quantum 2019

For the price tag, Vizio Mseries quantum is definitely one of the best options for those on a tighter budget. It retails at just shy of seven hundred dollars. The TV, which has been compared to its more expensive Samsung Q70 has a great screen. It is a 4K display meaning you’ll get a whopping 3840 * 2160 resolution screen. 

The  TV also supports amazon Alexa and has chrome cast as an inbuilt feature. It should work well with Google Home too. The TV’s design has nothing significant to mention though, although some may prefer the simple look. Moreover it does have very little bezel. The only major trade off is perhaps the luck of a robust HDR feature, although considering the price tag and the already great screen quality, one can still look over that fact. 

LG UM7300

The fact that this TV does not feature LG’s OLED technology means that consumers looking for a manufacturer with a great track record, but who are also on a budget, get good value in this one. The screen uses IPS technology, which although struggles with contrast, still manages good viewing angles and remains clear even when light is reflecting on it.

 Although this model does not feature the most premium of build materials, it does have solid build quality. The TV is quite thick, but not so much that it feels cheap. Fortunately though, it is very sturdy. 


Arguably the best Sony TV right now, the A9F is a stunner! The screen is 4K just like all screen on this list but the distinguishing factor is the OLED technology. Every colour is deeper and richer. Contrasts are amazing. Coupled with the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, the video optimization capabilities are incredible. 

The Tv’s build quality is just incredible. The screen is razor thin, and although it does have a bulky stand, its design is such that it is not visible at all. The only drawback for this one is the price tag, at a price of more than four thousand dollars.