For decades, people from all around the world have been buying vacation homes and vacation rentals along Mexico’s sandy beaches and tropical lands.  The combination of perfect weather, friendly locals, great cuisine, and very affordable cost of living, have made Mexico the perfect place to buy real estate property.

Many different types of real estate are available for sale in Mexico – from 20,000 square foot beach front villas with infinity pools that cost millions of dollars to quaint little studio apartments overlooking pristine lakes for less than $40,000.  Whether you are looking for a vacation home property that will only be used by you and your friends or if you’re looking for the perfect vacation rental that will be rented out when you aren’t using it, you’re sure to find it.

Mexico has many popular beach towns that have long been major hot spots for buying vacation homes and vacation rentals.  Some of the more popular destinations are Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and Cabo San Lucas, just to name a few.  Over the years, the popularity of foreigners buying real estate property in these beach resorts has grown and grown.  And the number of homes for sale have also increased dramatically, as more and more first rate homes have been built by top quality real estate developers.

Foreigners have been able to own title to real estate in Mexico since the mid-1990s, when the Mexican congress passed laws allowing for non-Mexican’s to fully own real estate for sale.  Since that historic ruling, the number of Americans and Canadians owning vacation homes and vacation rentals in Mexico, has sky rocketed.  In the last two decades, billions of dollars’ worth of real estate has been purchased.

Before you buy your first real estate in Mexico, we suggest that you rent a home in the region you are considering becoming a home owner.  Looking at real estate from a home owner’s perspective is quite a bit different when you get a real taste of it from an overnight stay in an actual home.  Staying in a vacation home or a vacation rental for sale will broaden your knowledge base and give you quite a bit of insight that you do not have now about real estate property in Mexico.  So, if you are considering buying a vacation home or a vacation rental, definitely consider an overnight stay in a home for sale first.