A Real Estate Trend in Mexico for Vacation Homes in 2013

A Real Estate Trend in Mexico for Vacation Homes in 2013

It’s that time of year again. It’s getting cold up north and that means it time to head south for a quick vacation. But for some travelers, they’ll come back home next year with more than just a sunburn and a few souvenirs. Thousands of American and Canadians will be heading down to Mexico this winter and will be coming back as the proud new owners of a vacation home.

For many of them, it’s been a long time dream to own a vacation home in Mexico. Some have spent years doing their due diligence and researching the best place to buy. And now that they’re in the final stages of the home buying process, they’re ready to pull the trigger, but they want to be certain they’re really buying the house that’s right for them.

And this final step leads us to what has been a major real estate trend in Mexico for the last few years. Potential buyers have been trying out a home before they buy it on an ever-increasing pace. They’re arranging to spend a few nights in the home to get a better feel for it.

And this is usually very easy for sellers to accommodate since many vacation homes in Mexico are already being used as vacation rentals by the owners. This is especially true of vacation homes in popular tourist destinations like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Vallarta.

Now, the buyers aren’t the only ones who benefit from this “Spend the night” concept.

Home sellers are actually the biggest winners.

Studies show that the most likely to buy prospective buyer is someone who stays in a home they’re considering buying. Any resort developer with rental inventory that can be used to provide lodging to prospective buyers knows this statistic all too well.

Even more interesting, among the biggest proponents of the “spend the night” concept are 55+ communities. They frequently use formalized “Discovery Weekend” packages to entice potential buyers to spend the night. In fact, Del Webb, a major developer of 55+ communities was able to attribute 50% of their sales from “Discovery Weekend” buyers in a recent year.

Well…this wonderful method of buying and selling homes has now truly taken root in Mexico.

So, if you’re considering buying a vacation home in Mexico this year, take advantage of one of the fastest growing real estate trends. And even if you don’t buy, you’ll still have a great vacation!

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