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California Vacation Homes and Rentals for Sale. Take the amazing opportunity to try real estate before you buy it. Experience the best way to buy a home in California.

California is America’s most populated state, and for a very good reason. Between the multitude of celebrities, the mild climate, and the geographic variety, California is a wonderland for anyone ready to escape the humdrum of day to day life. The real estate market has many options for prospective buyers, and with prices on an upward trend since last year, now is a great time to buy. Vacation homes and vacation rentals currently for sale differ in price based on the county, and start at an average as low as $66,000, while the median price for a California home is $334,000.

With 2,714 miles of beach to enjoy, owners of vacation homes can be assured that, regardless of location, a day trip to the ocean can be a part of any vacation. Anyone looking for just a taste California, perhaps through a vacation rental, will quickly grow to love the beautiful tide pools and great surf spots they find on California’s shoreline. There are many real estate options in hotspots such as Huntington Beach and Venice Beach, and in areas such as Los Angeles and San Diego. Even homes for sale that are further inland are only hours away from the Pacific Coast.

It may be hard to settle on a location for a vacation home or vacation rental in California. This huge state has much to offer, from densely populated and vibrant cities such as San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, to the mountains and vineyards of Lake County, and more. One advantage of owning real estate in California is greater access to all these incredible areas.

Hollywood is the place to be if you’re on the hunt for celebrities. Owners of vacation homes and vacation rentals in the Los Angeles area have the great advantage of this hot district, where you can do much more than ogle celebrity homes. Hollywood, like many other parts of California cities, has a thriving nightlife and many upscale dance clubs, theatres, and more.

Aside from the thriving cities, California real estate is surrounded by a multitude of attractions, many of which merit multiple visits. Homes currently for sale are near many wonders, both natural and manmade. For a breathtaking view of the entire Bay Area, vacationers can check out the Golden Gate Bridge. For children both young and old, there’s always Disneyland. Animal-lovers are sure to be enthralled by the San Diego Zoo, where kids can even feed the animals.

There are also many vacation homes and vacation rentals for sale in areas that are close to many natural wonders. Those looking for a change from California’s mild climate can hit the slopes at famous resorts, and make full use of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, or the Bernadino Mountains for those in the south. If skiing isn’t your cup of tea, you can always enjoy the view from the many scenic hiking trails in Big Sur, as well as stunning views of California’s coastline. In the north, vacationers can explore the Petrified Forest at their leisure.

Whether in the heart of California’s wine country or in the middle of a vibrant city, California real estate has something to offer any vacationer. There are homes for sale all across this great state; vacationers need only pick a destination. And, really, with so much to do and see, you can hardly pick wrong.


Florida Vacation Homes and Rentals for Sale. Take the amazing opportunity to try real estate before you buy it. Experience the best way to buy a home in Florida

There is no better place to look for vacation homes and vacation rentals than sunny Florida, which enjoys well over 200 days of sunshine annually. Florida is a top tourist destination for many reasons and it’s also a great place to own property. Its mild climate, paired with the fact that it is surrounded by the ocean, make it a hotspot for any kind of vacation, from the action-packed to one spent relaxing on a beach. And Florida has a great variety of real estate currently for sale, meaning that there is no better time to start looking, and buying property.

The average price for a vacation home in Florida is around $132,000. For those looking for just a taste of paradise, there are many wonderful vacation rentals for sale as well, which can be rented by the day or by the week, for just a fraction of the cost of owning a home. And from Jacksonville to Tampa to Miami, the real estate market offers a large selection of locations to buy property.

One thing that is so wonderful about owning a vacation home in the Florida area is the rich variety in attractions across the state. The Everglades National Park spans over 2,350 miles for the vacationer whose ideal getaway includes hiking or camping trips, or even visiting the park’s museum. For those put off by the idea of the great outdoors, Florida’s sunshine can always be enjoyed from the beach. And there’s no lack of those—Florida boasts nearly 700 miles of beaches.  A great deal of the state’s property is within 20 miles of the coastline.

And, of course, vacation homes and vacation rentals that are for sale in Orlando have the benefit of being just a short distance from two of America’s greatest theme parks, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. Owners and renters enjoy the benefit of easy access to the theme parks with greater freedom to explore the rest of Florida if they so choose. And though areas such as Orlando are prime tourist areas, and many nice homes are available, there are still many real estate options available at or under $50,000.

Florida is home to many vibrant cities, such as Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and many others. Vacation homes and vacation rentals for sale in the area offer access to the many attractions of these cities, including theatres, aquariums, museums, and a wide variety of restaurants. Owners of real estate within the area are also able to enjoy the nightlife of these cities—from bars to clubs to concerts, there is much to see and do even after the sun has gone down. And when it’s time to retire for the night, vacationers benefiting from a vacation home or vacation rental are able to sleep off their exhaustion in the tranquility of a private residence.

For families looking beyond Disney World for their vacation destinations, there are many lesser known attractions perfect for children. Gatorland, though home to many crocodiles and alligators, also boasts of a petting zoo and bird sanctuary. And for any kid who has read the books and is ready to see it in real life, Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not hosts a wide collection of oddities, ranging from the surprising to the truly bizarre.

For adults, there are always the sprawling golf courses. The International Drive (or the I-Drive) offers shopping, restaurants, and clubs all in one convenient location.  You’ll find quite a bit of golf course property in this great state.

Real estate that is currently for sale offers access to this and so much more. Truly, there is no better time to buy, and no better destination for your vacation.

South Carolina

South Carolina Vacation Homes and Rentals for Sale. Take the amazing opportunity to try real estate before you buy it. Experience the best way to buy a home in South Carolina.

Down on the southeastern coast of the United States rests the relaxing and scenic South Carolina.  Warm weather, endless beaches, and historical sites, South Carolina is an ideal place to purchase real estate.  Property anywhere in this beautiful place would offer a great environment for a vacation home.  With rentals and real estate for sale all over this southern state, there is no lack of options for choosing your perfect vacation home.

South Carolina offers numerous outdoor activities to enjoy in the wonderful weather.  There are 368 golf courses, great biking spots, and 47 state parks.  One of the many state parks is the fascinating Table Rock State Park, which lies at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There you can hike, camp, canoe, and kayak.  It is also the access point for the Foothills Trail, an 80-mile trail that connects several South Carolina State Parks.

If your new property isn’t by a state park, then it is bound to be by one of the beautiful beaches.  From quiet and romantic to fun and exciting, the South Carolina coast offers a variety of beaches to suit your interests.  You can enjoy the white sand and lovely ocean setting when you invest in any of the vacation homes for sale by the coast.  You could purchase real estate for sale by one of South Carolina’s most famous beaches, Myrtle Beach.

The beauty of South Carolina isn’t solely in its nature, but also in its buildings.  Charleston, the oldest and second largest city in the state, is known for its architecture.  This engaging city is also a place filled with history.  From the Boone Hall Plantation to Fort Sumter Tours to the Charleston Museum, United States history lurks all over this fascinating town.

History is further embedded along the scenic highways in South Carolina.  Ashley River Road runs by battlefields and other historic sites.  Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway is the path of the English and French fur traders and passes by peach orchards and villages as well as the historic Cowpens National Battlefield.  So, if you feel like stepping outside your new vacation home, you can take a nice, relaxing drive around the state.

Along with the exciting adventures and enriching history, South Carolina has delicious food close to any of the vacation homes and rentals for sale.  South Carolina has some great, comforting southern cooking with tasty barbeque, outstanding crab soup, and delicious Gullah favorites.  If you have never tasted or even heard of Gullah, then you are in for a real treat when you buy your new vacation home here.  Gullah is one of the oldest African and American traditions being practiced in this country today.  The Gullah are the decedents of slaves who lived in the Lowcountry region of the US states of South Carolina and Georgia.  They added African flare to American soil, creating this delicious food.  From okra gumbo to Gullah rice, a blend of rice, green peppers, onions, shrimp, chicken, sausage, and vegetables, this culinary delight is a must as you enjoy your new real estate property in South Carolina. 

With 400 annual festivals, multiple flea markets, outdoor adventure, and a rich history, there is always activity in South Carolina to experience while enjoying your new rental or real estate property.  If the comfortable weather and delicious food aren’t enough to convince you to buy property for sale in this exciting state, than the scenery will.  South Carolina has a lot to offer anyone interested in purchasing a new vacation home.